Google Registry Releases New TLDs

May 15, 2023

Google Registry announced that eight new and exciting top-level domains have hit the open market. These names are specific to tech, academics, and dads. This is a great opportunity for those looking to create a website for themselves or within the tech world.

These TLDs include:

.dad, .esq, .foo, .mov, .nexus, .phd, .prof, and .zip

It’s been a bit since I was stoked on any new releases, but it seems like this batch has potential with the exception of maybe .zip due to some concerns.

The red flag within the community is that .zip could be used maliciously. This particular extension has always been known to be for file packaging and extraction. Out of the available options, this one looks to be the least attractive. Knowing that .mov is a video/media file type extension, it isn’t nearly as concerning as .zip.

That said, it could be fun to grab a name like .foo for the portfolio. "foo bar" is like using "Hello, world." as a placeholder within a website. Software programmers should have a field day with this one.

I’m looking forward to seeing real use cases for these TLDs out in the wild.

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Google Registry’s Announcement

Launch details for eight new TLDs.

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Are you planning on buying any of these new offerings? If so, would they be strictly an investment or development opportunity?

I’m curious to see how many of you are interested or have already sold one.

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