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A .PROF TLD is perfect for professors or an education-focused business. Professors now have the ability to connect with students and colleagues. Create a space that extends your knowledge in order to help students or even network with others in your related field. A good use case for this specific domain would be if 1) your first name starts with the letter ‘a’ or 2) you are a professor. This has the versatility to be used as a personal website or for an educational business.

This domain is ideal for content related to:

  • Professors
  • Education
  • Educational professional networking
  • Student resource to access academic notes for a class or even tutoring

Additional details:

  • Domain Length: Short
  • Letter Count: 1
  • Word Count: 1
  • Keywords: A; Professor
  • Top Keyword Google Search Results:
    • “Professor”: 2,360,000,000

“A professor, also called an instructor, is a postsecondary educator who specializes in the subject area that they teach. Professors typically work for colleges and universities that may fund research in their subject area. They instruct classes that range in number from a few students to hundreds of students.”

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