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When you think of a PhD, you would also think of someone preparing their thesis in effort to successfully earn their doctoral degree. A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D.) is the highest educational degree that an individual can achieve in a given field. In order to earn a PhD, intense research is required and may take up to 8 years to complete. During this time, you might also be teaching for real world experience, attending relevant conferences, or even publishing material to an academic journal. A major requirement at the midway point is crafting an original academic research thesis in effort to write a dissertation. The final step is defending your thesis in an oral examination.

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  • PhD, Ph.D.
  • Thesis
  • Doctoral Research Degree
  • Doctorate
  • Educational
  • Research
  • Essays
  • Published Works
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Education
  • Personal Work History
  • Master’s Degree Program

Additional details:

  • Domain Extensions: 214 taken
  • .PHD TLD Released May 2023
  • No Previous Owner
  • Domain Length: Short
  • Letter Count: 6
  • Word Count: 1
  • Keywords: Thesis; PhD
  • Top Keyword Google Search Results:
    • “Ph.D / Ph.D.”: 4,520,000,000
    • “PhD”: 1,240,000,000
    • “Thesis”: 765,000,000

“A thesis is the main output of a PhD as it explains your workflow in reaching the conclusions you have come to in undertaking the research project.”

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