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If you are searching for a generic, straight to the point domain name related to a PhD for your website, this is a terrific option using the newly released .PHD TLD.

Want to create a space dedicated toward what you worked so hard to earn by sharing your knowledge and accolades? Your name official title could be Dr. Greg Olsen, and for short, you might consider using GO as your intials to use as a personal domain. As a result ‘’ would be the ideal option. This is an excellent domain that is easily identifiable.

Looking for an actionable domain to use for individuals considering pursuing a PhD? This could be used as a main website or simply a redirect to your main site for marketing purposes. ‘’ is incredibly easy to remember and would be easy to convey to any individual. The shorter the domain name the better.

This domain is ideal for content related to:

  • PhD, Ph.D.
  • Thesis
  • Doctoral Research Degree
  • Doctorate
  • Educational
  • Research
  • Essays
  • Published Works
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Education
  • Personal Work History
  • Master’s Degree Program

Additional details:

  • Domain Extensions: 576 taken
  • .PHD TLD Released May 2023
  • No Previous Owner
  • Domain Length: Short
  • Letter Count: 2
  • Word Count: 1
  • Keywords: Go; PhD
  • Top Keyword Google Search Results:
    • “Go”: 25,270,000,000
    • “Ph.D / Ph.D.”: 4,520,000,000
    • “PhD”: 1,240,000,000

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