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This domain has excellent branding opportunity that should be specific to men’s health. Consider content suitable for men’s sexual health and enhancement, prescription drugs, and glasses lenses or contacts.

This domain is ideal for content related to:

  • Men’s sexual health and enhancement
  • Men’s generic prescription drugs
  • Men’s glasses lenses or contacts
  • Men’s prescription pharmacy hub
  • Men’s digital telehealth clinic

Additional details:

  • Domain Length: Short
  • Letter Count: 5
  • Word Count: 2
  • Keywords: Sir; RX
  • Top Keyword Google Search Results:
    • “Men’s glasses”: 3,260,000,000
    • “Sir”: 2,220,000,000
    • “Men’s health”: 2,150,000,000
    • “Rx”: 970,000,000
    • “Men’s prescriptions”: 336,000,000
    • “Men’s contacts”: 309,000,000
    • “Men’s prescription”: 232,000,000
    • “Men’s Rx”: 85,700,000

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn | American entrepreneur

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